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Costa Coffee, Stratford-Upon-Avon

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Stratford-Upon-Avon - 103 places
Warwickshire - 263 places
England - 13971 places
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Address: 21 Bridge Street
Telephone: 01789 299855

Costa Coffee overview

Situated in the centre of Stratford-Upon-Avon, this dependable coffee chain offers a place to rest your weary feet during a shopping or sight-seeing trip to the town. Although it is not a massive cafe it does meet your basic needs serving great quality coffee at your convenience. Their opening times are reflective of the rest of the town so you can get an early morning coffee on the way to work ... or an evening coffee before heading home!
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77 Reviews
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Coffee is great, but can be busy!

23 Nov 2011
Visited with: Infant
I'm a busy mum who loves to stop for a coffee and a sit down on any busy shopping trip and Costa is quite a regular haunt for us... This branch of Costa is slap bang in the centre of town and very well located. Unfortunately there is not a great amount of space in this store and getting in with a pushchair is not recommended. I've tried and failed! The staff are quite friendly and give good service, but they can get run off their feet so standards are a little up and down. The coffee is like most other costa's and there is a great selection of food. They'v even recently introduced a kids food bag which is full of nice things for the little ones. TOP TIP: Get a points card and then you can get free coffee (or cake) with your points. Great for thrifty and money saving mums! Overall, I'd recommend this branch - but not if you're planning on visiting with a little one in a push chair...