Family Days Out in Ayrshire

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Fancy a day out in Ayrshire? Then you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got lots of great suggestions for days out in this most beautiful part of bonny Scotland. Did you know that some of the most important figures in Scottish history were either born or spent long periods in different parts of Ayrshire? William Wallace (or Braveheart to you and me) initially rose to fame as an outlaw in the Ayrshire region while both the legendary King of Scotland Robert the Bruce and poet Robert Burns were born in different parts of Ayrshire.  Any families interested in the latter should definitely check out his old cottage at the Burns National Heritage Park which now has a wonderful exhibition animating the life and times of Scotland’s most famous poet. Of course there are also more contemporary pleasures to be had as well. Loudon Castle Theme Park is certainly not stuck in the past with its range of family-friendly rides and neither is Heads of Ayr Farm Park with its modern mix of local animals with more exotic ones including wallabies and mini zebras!   
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