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Bo-Jangles Ceramic Cafe, Amersham

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Amersham - 3 places
Buckinghamshire - 243 places
England - 13604 places
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Address: 29 Hill Avenue
Telephone: 01494 434346

Bo-Jangles Ceramic Cafe overview

Spend a day at Bo-Jangles Ceramic Café and enjoy a day of creative fun! Bo-Jangles is a café and pottery studio open all year round to both adults and children. You can choose from working with clay, decorating figures, hand and foot prints (especially popular with babies), pottery painting with Acrylic paint, as well as other arts and crafts! The café is well stocked with hot drinks and ... milkshakes in every flavour. You can even book the venue for children’s party and every child will get to decorate a piece of pottery and take it home. The pottery pieces make such lovely gifts so don’t forget to take a look at the collection of pottery found in the café which is available to purchase. Bo-Jangles makes a lovely day out of arts and crafts without having all the mess at home!!
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don't bother

16 Sep 2011
Visited with: Infant, Child
bad service, bad attitude, bad owner, charged twice for refreshments, take no notice of the opening hours they advertise - its always shut early! very expensive - you are charged £5 per person for the use of the kiln - your not told this fact until you are there!!! don't bother - stay at home and do some painting!