Tintagel Castle, Tintagel

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Tintagel Castle is spectacularly located on a rocky peninsula over the Atlantic. Beneath the castle are caves steeped in infamous Arthurian legend. Above, the remains of the thirteenth century castle is the perfect backdrop to the myths and magic of King Arthur’s classic tale. The English Heritage owned castle is spread over the jutting cliffs and the mainland – between is a narrow bridge. ... The remains of the great hall are evident, as well as rooms and archways. Much has been eroded but the ruins are gloriously covered in wild flowers in season and the crystal blue ocean provides an exhilarating backdrop. Cars must park in the village and there is a rather steep walk to the castle, however a Landrover service is available during summer months to ferry people to and fro. Access to the castle for buggies and wheelchairs is not possible due to the number of very steep steps. There is a souvenir shop onsite.
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Castle Road
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King Arthur rules!

29 Jul 2011
Visited with: Child, Teenager
We visit Tintagel Castle every time we go to Cornwall because it really captures the children’s imagination. The setting is spectacular and it is very easy to believe in magic and legend as you climb the steep and sometimes precarious steps! You could spend the whole day exploring all the trails and footpaths, and the small cove at low tide. My son bought “Excalibur” at the souvenir shop and perfected his swordsmanship as we walked. The site is not easily accessible by pushchairs so may be difficult with very young children – especially if you end up having to carry them! The paths also get very slippery when wet, so travel light! The children certainly deserved their ice creams on the way back. We’ll go again, and again....
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Tintagel Castle

02 Dec 2010
Visited with: Child
Tintagel Castle in North Cornwall is thought to be the castle and birthplace of the legend of King Arthur, Merlin the Magician, Excaliber (the sword in the stone and all that) and the Knight’s of the Round Table. The castle itself is now mainly in ruins but the dramatic landscape in which it is located is simply beautiful. I visited the town when I was very young with my parents purely to see the castle because of my love of the legend but the weather in Cornwall was so poor the castle had been cut off from the main land. This is common as it is situated on one of the most dramatic coastlines in Britain. I returned in later life to get up to the castle and have a look around. There isn’t much to actually see but it is one of those magnificent places that bring legend and history alive. Please be aware that the path to the castle is not easy going. Its uneven and is close to large drops and therefore I would advise against taking toddlers and push chairs. However, for more grown up children it’s a must!
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Tintagel Castle

13 May 2010
Visited with: Child
I had a great day out here with my nephew (10 yrs)! There are a lot of steps! It is also very steep. I would say it might not be the best place for small children. However, we really enjoyed the ‘great hall’ and my nephew loved the bridge over the rocky cliff where the rest of the ruins are. It was fun to try to imagine what the castle would have looked like in the middle ages! Also, we spent some time watching the sea birds and wish we had brought a bird book with us! A local told us that you can occasionally spot seals from here. After the trip we took the path back to the village and found an ice cream van that sold homemade lavender ice cream! A real treat!
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Tintagel Castel

03 May 2010
Visited with: Child
I used to come to Tintagel Castle quite regularly, before children, however, when the kids were very young I was simply too worried to take them by such steep cliff edges. Now I have been with some of our friend’s children who are older and who have really enjoyed the location. The steps are very steep and quite tiring, but the castle is set in such incredible surroundings – you can see all the way up and down the Cornish coast, and blue ocean looks so beautiful. We bought a book about the legend and the kids all had fun playing out the characters. You can also visit the caves underneath, when the tide is low, which we all loved!