Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre, Penrith

Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre overview

The Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre is situated within the beautiful grounds of Lowther Castle, and is home to about 150 birds of prey including falcons, buzzards, hawks, eagles, and owls. The emphasis is on conservation and the Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre runs a breeding programme and provides sanctuary for orphaned or injured birds, which are released into the wild when considered ready and able ... to cope independently. Visitors can see the birds in flight as they are exercised daily, and can join in with the demonstrations and even fly some of the birds, weather permitting. There is a programme of lectures and it is also possible to book for Experience days at the Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre, which is a great way to learn about these beautiful birds and the sport of falconry. Open 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Lowther Castle Grounds
CA10 2HH
01931 712746

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