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Murder Mystery Walking Trail, Cockington

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Cockington - 1 places
Devon - 573 places
England - 13621 places
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Address: Cockington

Murder Mystery Walking Trail overview

Cockington is everyone’s image of an English village with thatched cottages, a manor house and Village Green. A fun way of exploring it with the kids is to involve them in a Murder Mystery. The idea is simple. Treasure Trails will provide you with a set of clues for which you have to find answers. To do this you follow their directions on a well-marked trail. The answers will be found on ... various monuments, inscriptions, street signs etc along the way. Once you have the answers, you have to solve a murder mystery and hopefully win a cash prize. It is approximately 1 mile long and will take around one and a half hours to complete. The trail takes you around the grounds of Cockington Court and nearby Cockington village. Alternative routes are given for wheelchair and pushchair users.
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