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Spring Barn Farm Park, Lewes

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Address: Kingston Road
East Sussex
Telephone: 01273 488450

Spring Barn Farm Park overview

Set in the rolling hills of the South Downs, Spring Barn Farm Park is an idyllic children´s farm and play area. Donkeys and Shetland ponies delightfully stroll about pens in gently sloping paddocks overlooking the barns, whilst cumbersome pigs snooze happily by the play areas. The sheep and goats live in the large barn; in the spring there are plenty of lambs on the farm and, at allocated times ... throughout the day, lambs can be fed, held and petted. The main barn combines little animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs and chipmunks, with play areas, a ball pool, play house and an indoor haystack. Outside there is a go-kart track with pedal karts for kids to try. During summer months (check the website for details) you can try out the Maize Maze on the farm, which delights and confuses all the family! Spring Barn Farm Park also provides a tempting cafe and kitchen store, with many locally grown produce, jams and cakes.
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2 Reviews
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06 Jul 2012
Visited with: Infant, Child
My first and only visit to spring barn farm, I went with a group of friends and was suprised at the price for my 2 year old (£6.50) we had a nice time on the farm then headed to the soft play they were refurbishing the tractors so we could not use them but it made the soft play smell strongly of fumes, my daughter had gone off to play when a member of staff said we are not allowed in without socks,(they didnt provide any) I didnt have any with me as it was a hot day and we had sandals on, my toddler didnt understand why she wasnt allowed to play anymore also he told me that im not allowed the pushchair in there but i said to him that my baby is asleep but he said i have to park it outside. I went to the manager to say how disappointed I was that i had paid £6.50 and my daughter didnt get to use the soft play she was quite rude said she didnt see a problem. I was very disappointed by this and wont be returning!!