Quasar at Rollerworld, Colchester

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Fancy a world where you have unlimited lives and a talking laser gun? It may not be not for you, but it may well appeal to the younger members of the family. There are lights, smoke, music in this all-action, fast-moving game with all the rules explained by the friendly marshalls. Suitable for ages 8 up and maybe you would enjoy a battle or two yourself.
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Mrs B
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Where to sit

05 Mar 2012
Visited with: Child
I visited Quasar in Colchester on Sunday 4th March with my son and 2 nephews. As they were under age my husband had to go in with them, the cost £40. I had to wait in the cafe for half an hour as this was the only area to sit. I had just sat down when a member of staff told me to move as I hadnt purchased any food, I was waiting for the boys until I ate. I was told that I would have to stand. The cafe is in rollerworld so everyone is on skates so I had to dodge people. The food is quite expensive for what you get.The boys did have a great times though and the staff at Quasar were lovely.
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Quasar at Rollerworld

11 Mar 2010
Visited with: Teenager
My kids loved Quasar after all there are not many places where they can shoot their parents and siblings. This has to be one of the most energetic places to visit and so if you are not up to running around in the semi dark for an hour then leave it to the kids. There is a cafe and a bar for parents in the main Rollerworld and you only have to go into Quasar with your children if they are under 12. For my teenagers it was a great adventure to dress up in the protective armour and have their laser guns energised with lives. We were in two teams and had to shoot the other team members whilst trying not to be shot ourselves. There are numerous obstacles to hide behind and my children delighted in jumping out on people and then shooting them with their lasers. We had a noisy time in a weird music atmosphere full of artificial smoke but everyone had a wonderful visit. At the end everyone receives a computer printout with their scores and my son was delighted to be named ‘Top Gun’. On the down side it is quite expensive when you bear in mind that you are only there for a short while but it is undoubtedly fun. There must be a minimum of 8 people to play so if you don’t arrive with that number you may have to wait awhile.