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Miller's Ark Farm is at present in Odiham but the Ark bit is to tell you that this is a funny type of farm: it’s a mobile one specially designed to bring farm animals in close contact with children. They have all the most lovable ones from miniature donkeys to piglets and they teach the kids the importance of respect for all kinds of creatures. Do check before you go as their present lease is ... coming to an end and they may have to move to another site.
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Roke Farm
RG29 1HZ
(01256) 701847

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Farm open days are worth looking out for

19 Aug 2010
Visited with: Child
This farm is mainly the base for a mobile farm unit for school visits and shows, but every so often they throw open their farm gates to children for a fiver each! Their farm address may be changing soon so do check their website. My son enjoyed donning his wellies for a tramp around the farmyard, seeing newborn goats and pigs and kittens. We took a bumpy ride on a tractor, sitting on hay bales, around the farm and surrounding countryside. There's a play area indoors, too. In the cafe we had hot soup as it was a chilly day, and I would love to come back for their Christmas special open day as I think they'd make it really magical. It has the feel of a real working farm - tractors parked everywhere, chickens running around, and genuine mud! The farm supports a charity too, so the money from the open day goes to 'Animal Touch'. This is in a very remote spot, and not as commercial as some of the larger activity farms which makes is a very good educational experience rather than ball pits and soft play.