Goddington Park, Orpington

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Goddington Park is a place of natural beauty with many large trees and beautiful scenery. Mainly used by local residents for its peaceful ambience, it is ideal for dog walking and a get-away from busy town life. There are two children’s play areas which have the basic equipment needed to keep the children entertained including swings, car climbing frame, roundabout, dizzy discs, sees-saw and ... more. Next to the play area you will find a fenced ball games area for basketball and other games. Goddington Park itself is used for many ball games such as football, rugby and cricket and covers 64 hectares of open space so is ideal for picnicking too. There are many entrances to this park and plenty of street parking. There is small wooded area in the centre of the park, which is ideal for a few games of hide and seek to end the day. There is a free car park but no toilets.
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Goddington Lane
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Goddington Park

19 May 2010
Visited with: Infant, Child
This large park found in Orpington is the ideal place to go if you fancy some ball games. There is a football pitch, rugby pitch, a fenced ball game area, Cricket squares and a kick around area. There are 2 children’s play areas, which are ok but not the greatest selection of equipment. The actual park itself is very pretty there is a real sense of peace and quiet and some lovely trees. My children like playing in the wooded area at the side of the park. There is a car park and plenty of access/exit points all around the park. Worth a visit!