Hewitts Farm, Orpington

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A lovely way to get your fresh fruit and vegetables is to ‘pick your own’. Hewitts Farm in Orpington is the place to go for this. There is a wide variety to pick throughout the year and the picking season usually starts in June. Strawberries, apples, pears, plums, runner beans, broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot, the list goes on! Children love the day and it can even tempt the fussiest eaters ... to try a new vegetable they have picked themselves that day! The farm shop is well stocked all the year round; try their delicious range of apple and pear juices, which come in a wide variety of flavours. There is no café but the farm shop does sell hot and cold drinks and ice creams and there is ample parking outside the shop. This is a really fun day out for all the family and beats a trip to the supermarket any day!
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Court Road
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Waste of time!

21 Aug 2012
Visited with: Child
I took 2 of my grandchildren there yesterday as I though it would be good for them to pick their own fruit and veg.What a dissappointment there was absolutely nothing and I mean nothing to pick whatsoever. There were other people there with children also complaining about it.
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Hewitts Farm

21 May 2010
Visited with: Infant, Child
Hewitts farm was a regular day out with my grandparents when I was a little girl. I still have really fond memories of strawberry picking in the sun. The farm still operates a ‘pick your own’ service and is still very popular. I often meet here with a group of mums and the kids love it, its such a simple thing but they really do enjoy it. I have also found it a really good way to get my kids to try different veg, apparently they taste much nicer when they pick them themselves!! There is a really good selection of fruit and veg ranging from runner beans, cabbages, pumpkin and squash to strawberries, blackberries and gooseberries, the list goes on. There is no café but they do sell hot and cold drinks and ice creams. There is a football pitch that you are welcome to use for a picnic if the weather is good. The owner’s recommend that you phone before coming to the farm to check availability and to let you know the selection of fruit and veg ready to pick.