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Coney Hall Recreation Ground, West Wickham

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West Wickham, England

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Address: Church Drive
West Wickham
West Wickham

Coney Hall Recreation Ground overview

Coney Hall Recreation Park can be found just behind Coney Hall shops, just a few minutes from West Wickham High Street. Described by many as Coney Hall’s hidden jewel, the recreation ground has an active ‘Friends of the Park’ association that does plenty of fund raising to ensure the park remains a credit to the area. You will find 4 football pitches, a pre-school nursery, skate board half ... pipe, bowling club, tennis courts and a children’s play area. The play area itself is well stocked with plenty of children’s favourites equipment, which is kept well maintained and updated regularly to keep the little visitors wanting to come back. There are no toilets in the park, but public toilets can be found by the shops only a few minutes away. In the summer there are a number of events held in the park as part of the fund raising activities, such as the Tent Event and Parkland’s Nursery Fund Day. To top it off the Greenwich line of Meridian runs through the park and is marked by a stone post showing the direction of the date line. Coney Hall Recreation Park is mainly used by local residents but also attracts families from further afield.
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Coney Hall Recreation Ground

11 May 2010
Visited with: Infant, Child
We love this park! Considering it is only small, it has such a good children’s play area. It is being constantly updated with new equipment and is really well kept and painted regularly. There is a real fun climbing frame shaped like a snake, a rip wire, tyre swing, toddlers slide and climbing frame, swings and a really high Slide (be careful though, my daughter fell off it once and really hurt herself). The park also has tennis courts, a football pitch, Bowling Green and a skate-boarding ramp. We often come here in summer and picnic under the trees, it’s a lovely little park and not a lot of people know about it. Well worth a visit.