Sandcastle Water Park, Blackpool

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The Sandcastle is an imposing, futuristic building located on the South Prom at Blackpool. Two curling blue slides exiting the building give a glimpse of what is to come. The roomy reception has a jungle theme, which is carried through into the reception snack bar, a good spot to arrange to meet friends after your swim, with plenty of tables and a high chair available. There is also a shop ... selling armbands and floats, which are required depending on the age of the children and the number of adults accompanying them. You can even hire swimwear if you forget yours. After paying, visitors head down to the changing rooms, where a family changing room makes getting ready considerably easier. Baby changing facilities are also available. The swimming area at the Sandcastle is split into two main areas; there’s the Typhoon Lagoon wave pool to the right as you exit the changing rooms and the Shimmering Shallows to the left, a larger pool with multiple attractions. Throughout the pools, there are waterfalls and pouring currents, great for toddlers and babies. A pirate boat looms over the water complete with canons and a water gun. The Ushi Gushi River Creek propels swimmers along in a current with a few watery surprises, or you can try the Tree House, full of water jets and a giant tipping coconut, which deluges swimmers with water. There are a couple of gentler slides for smaller kids, but the real thrills are the big slides such as the Duelling Dragon, or for the really brave, the white knuckle Master Blaster rollercoaster slide. The Sidewinder is a fabulous high-sided U shaped slide, which pitches swimmers up its vertiginous slopes in an inflatable ring. You can’t take your own food into the complex, but the eateries cater to most tastes. You really can’t fault the family orientated facilities at the Sandcastle, with family changing rooms, baby bottle warming, baby changing, and swimming aids all available and plenty of trained life guards looking on.
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Wish there was one nearer

29 Apr 2012
Visited with: Child
I really do wish this was closer to me as i would definitely make a frequent visit! It was so much fun! something for all the family! It really made our holiday to blackpool, my son loves anything to do with water and he loves swimming and water flumes so this was the perfect place again. If i'm in Blackpool or even passing through we will definitely go again!
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Birthday Treat

16 Nov 2010
Visited with: Child
We visited on cold Sunday in November 2010. Because of the cost...on top of the entry fee we had to pay extra to use a couple of the more thrilling rides...I recommend that its best visited as a treat. The place is due for an update over the winter so lets hope they make the lockers more user friendly.Unfortuantley they quote health and safety as being the reason why you cannot bring your own food.Although I spied one family with their own picnic in a quiet area.The thrill rides are good but having to pay extra to use them is unfortunate as they should be integral.The water temperature was okay any warmer and the kids relax too much! The staff were alert and helpful which is a big bonus when you are trying to attract a childs attention above the noise and general chaos.Book on-line for a 10% discount and we signed up for the newsletter incase they send any money saving offers through because we won't visit again otherwise. Getting out the changing rooms into the pool area is a navigational challenge.The sauna and steam room is a nice touch for adults. Generally it was worth the visit because the kids really enjoyed it (10 and 11yrs of age) Go early on a Sunday and maybe you will find a free parking space....bonus. Always check on-line for opening times and remember it will be closing for a refurb over 2010/11 winter. I wonder what extra rides they are planning. Top ride? The green snake slide..and its included in the basic cost.
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Walking on water

09 Apr 2010
Visited with: Infant, Child
Visiting any major attraction over the school holidays is asking for trouble, but there's no doubt that the Sandcastle was at full capacity over the Easter break when I visited. After getting over the shock of the price (over £30 for two adults, two children under 7 and an infant), we got off to a reasonable start with the family changing rooms, which made it much easier for us all to get changed. The larger lockers were in short supply and not really large enough, but we managed. Exiting the changing rooms, however, we were hit by a wall of noise and the sight of hundreds of people bobbing, splashing, yelling and generally having a marvelous time - it did have a touch of Armageddon about it though, purely due to the sheer numbers. It's not an exaggeration to say I could have walked from one end of the complex to the other without touching the water, had I borrowed the bobbing heads as stepping stones. Consequently, there were huge huge queues for the major slides . Since we had a baby, four year old and a six year old, this was a problem, as one adult had to keep two kids entertained while the other waited in line for the slides. That said, there was a jovial atmosphere about the Sandcastle and no hassle with fellow swimmers despite the crowds. I felt that an exclusive baby pool would have been a good idea, as things in the "shimmering shallows" got a little hectic at times. You also need to remember to take the kids' water wings even if they can swim, as all three of ours were required to wear them since we had more than one child per parent. It's worth checking what the requirements are if you have more than one child per parent. The water temperature was good for the baby, who stayed remarkably cheerful for over 90 minutes in the water, without any signs of hypothermia. Things went slightly downhill when we went to get changed, as the changing rooms were now at bursting point and we had to wait. Piles of used swim nappies were accumulating on the floor between changing rooms and staff, although helpful, weren't quite on top of the cleanliness. I would imagine that this was simply due to the peak season. Overall, given the age of our kids, I think we would have had as much fun at a more basic swimming pool and would certainly have spent much less money. The Sandcastle is probably best value for ages 8+, and I would seriously consider selecting a none peak day if you intend to visit. If you can get there on a quiet day, kids of that age group will have a whale of a time.