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Murder Mystery Walking Trail, Lincoln

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Lincoln - 31 places
Lincolnshire - 186 places
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Address: Lincoln

Murder Mystery Walking Trail overview

Lincoln exudes history with its castle, cathedral and quaint streets and an unusual way to learn a little about it with children is to take them on a Murder Mystery Trail. The idea is simple. Treasure Trails will provide you with a set of clues for which you have to find answers. To do this you follow their directions on a well-marked trail. The answers will be found on various monuments, ... inscriptions, street signs etc along the way. Once you have the answers, you have to solve a murder mystery and maybe win a prize in their annual draw. With such a lot to see on route over the 2 mile trail it should take about 3 hours. One of Lincoln’s most famous streets is called Steep Hill for a reason, so if you have pushchair or wheelchair take it slowly!
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