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The Odeon Cinema is great for children as it has a kids club on Saturday and Sunday morning and school holidays. They only charge £2.50 per child as they are aiming to keep it down to pocket money prices and parents go free! They play one film in the morning usually around 11am, and if you check the Odeon website on Wednesday, they will have details of the film they will be showing. Odeon Kids ... is also available in different locations so well worth checking the website for listings. There is also a session called Odeon newbies on weekdays. It is designed for mums and dads to bring there n along with no need to worry about noise. All films are played a lot quieter to protect little ears! You pay full price for tickets but babies go free and there are changing facilities available. A real fun way to see the latest film without worrying about annoying other people!
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Odeon Beckenham

18 May 2010
Visited with: Infant, Child
We went to this cinema on Saturday and the children loved it. Every Saturday and Sunday they run a kids club, this means that a children’s film is pre-selected and the kids only have to pay £2.50 each, adult’s gets in free! Its great because no one minds if you make a bit of noise as there are lots of other children being equally as noisy. You find out which film they are showing by checking the website so if it’s something the kids will like, it’s a real bargain. The only thing that bumps up the price is the sweets and popcorn but still a lot cheaper this way!