Tilgate Park, Crawley

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Tilgate Park in Crawley has a vast amount to see and do. It is well worth spending a full day if you want to fit everything in. There is a beautiful lake and many pathways for winding walks through the woods. The children’s play area has recently been updated with a large selection of wooden equipment and bark flooring for safety. There are two climbing frames with ropes bridges, tunnel slides, ... monkey bars, walk the plank bridges. There is a log swing, a slide for little ones, a car on springs and much more fun equipment. If you can’t pull the children away, there are a few picnic benches in the play area The Nature Centre is a short walk from the playground and has lots of animals to see including snakes, terrapins, pigs, sheep, bulls, exotic birds, deer and many more. The walled gardens are a beautiful addition to this area and there is a fun maze with a huge tower to climb in the centre. There are plenty of picnic benches and a small café at back of the Nature Centre. After lunch why not take a stroll around the lovely little craft shops and a well-stocked toyshop for the children. At Tilgate Park there is a £3 charge for the car park, which entitles you to park all day. The rest of the park including visiting the animals is absolutely free
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Fab place with plenty to do for little ones

26 Aug 2013
Visited with: Child
I remember visiting Tilgate park when I was little and it holds many happy memories, so it was lovely to visit again recently and share it with my small children. We parked in the main car park which costs £3 for the day - be aware that you must pay at a machine on your way in and you need to have the money in coins to enter, there is nowhere to change money first. If you want to park for free you'll probably find somewhere on the streets nearby but it's a bit of a walk up the hill. The park is huge, with plenty to explore, a large lake and a great adventure playground. In the Nature Centre there are lots of animals to visit, from smaller snakes and reptiles up to pigs, cows and sheep. They have recently introduced a small charge, £2 for adults and £1 for children, which is very reasonable as there is plenty to see. Definitely recommended for somewhere fun to take the children.
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Tilgate park and petting zoo

10 Jun 2011
Visited with: Infant, Child
Tillage park is a fantastic day out for all the family from infant to adult, there is a vast amount of activities to do. No matter what the season it's a great place to be. In the summer you can have a picnic on the grass by the lake and childrens park, or take stroll up to the zoo, take ridein the horse and carriage or just sit and relax in the cafe. During the autumn take the children for a walk around the lake crunching through the fallen leaves. It's definitely a place for a great day out.
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the trials of tilgate

07 Jun 2011
Visited with: Infant, Child, Teenager
tilgate park ...place of history, beauty, long walks and pigs. an amazing park situated in near k2 leisure center with vast areas of natural beauty..road works, redevelopment, closed up boarded buildings very high parking fees and a nature park that has less animals than my back garden... i love the park at times but felt so sorry for the kids i childmind when after paying the £1 honourary which most people are blind to at the entrance we walked in lovely settings and looked at a lot of empty pens and cages...the lake is empty for maintenance and the roads are blocked off for the same...surprise no workers. shame love the place but wont visit for a while till things are back to normal
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great day of fun, for free!

18 Aug 2010
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Amazing what you can find for free... We saw this park mentioned in families magazine and decided to give it a go. You pay for parking, but that's it. You can take a picnic as there are beautiful lawns and open areas overlooking the lake, and there are benches dotted about the playground area - which is fantastic and my son didn't want to leave. We wandered through the trees to the waled garden area, where there's a cafe and a fab maze made of hedge for the kids to run around and get lost in. If tat wasn't enough, there's also a great farm with animals and birds, a lake with a variety of ducks, and lamas etc - quite a lot to see as you walk through. Buggy friendly, too. They ask for a voluntary donation so it's up to you how much you pop in the bucket!
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Tilgate Park

28 May 2010
Visited with: Infant, Child
We have just had a lovely day in Tilgate Park and couldn’t believe how much there was to keep the children entertained. The adventure playground is fantastic, my daughter was beaming with excitement. There is lots of wooden play equipment, a log swing, tunnel slide, a car that wobbled about on springs and so much more. This was ideal for my 4-year-old but I did find my heart racing quite a few times with my two-year-old, as there was lots of really high stuff. We then went on to the nature centre, we were expecting just a couple of animals but was amazed with the amount there was to see, it was like being at the zoo! There were pigs, piglets, snakes, deer, terrapins, exotic birds, goats, Cows, bulls, sheep the list goes on and on. There was a nice little café and picnic area to the back of the nature centre with lots of picnic benches and lots of really nice little craft shops and a toyshop. We finished the day in the Maze and walled gardens. You could literally stay here all day and still not have done everything. Oh, the lake too, there is a nice walk around the lake and a nature trail to follow!! All you have to pay is £3 for the car park and that entitles you to a full days parking. Fantastic day, it’s a real must for all families and best of all its free!