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More a tropical island paradise than an oasis, although the ambient temperature if not the humidity is the same. The Oasis Leisure is undergoing a much needed renovation in early 2015. Check their website for current details. This is quite simply a great place to bring the family. For the younger ones the big attraction is the 'pirate ship' feature where toddlers to 8 year olds can play, splash ... and slide as much as they like in complete safety. Older kids can sample the giant water slides, wave machine, water cannon, and hydro slide. Oh, and they can also swim if they want!
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North Star Avenue
01793 507110

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Disappointed in cleanliness

19 Aug 2010
Visited with: Child
On arriving I was disgusted in the state of the changing rooms, the family change cubicles were dirty, some with broken doors and locks. I complained to the centre staff but they were in the same condition when we got out of the pool an hour later. The swimming pool itself could do with some sprucing up, although my 3 year old was not bothered by this! She really enjoyed the pirate ship, and the one slide she was able to go on.
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A cool leisure pool

24 Apr 2010
Visited with: Child
We had a great time at the Oasis. Our only criticism is that you are only allowed to stay in the pool for just over an hour, which I think it is quite short, especially for older kids who could stay and play for quite a while. I liked the gentle blue slide that goes around the large pool; the kids loved the tunnel slides that are very fast! The Oasis does get rather busy so it is not great for regular swimming, although they do have a sectioned off deep end. They have good changing facilities here, including a state of the art body drier!
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The Oasis is a great pool!

20 Apr 2010
Visited with: Child
The Oasis Swimming Pool is brilliant for kids. There’s a smaller pool for little ones, with an elephant slide and an impressive pirate ship that has three slides in to the pool. However, this pool is not shallow so kids do need arm bands. The main pool has a shallow end, great when the ‘wave’ machine comes on – we like to lie in the shallows and let the waves wash over us. We also loved the tunnel slides: ‘The Screamer’ is long and bendy; ‘The Great White’ has two tummy churning drops’ and children under five are permitted on parents laps on the slightly more gentle, but still fast, ‘Side Winder’. The Oasis is a great pool!
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oasis swimming pool

20 Mar 2010
Visited with: Child
Lots of fun. We tried the disco splash and though the music is quite loud it makes the swimming much more fun. They put all sorts of floats out for this session which my son loves. They are especially good when the wave machine comes on and you can ride over the waves whilst lying on your float. This session is probably best for the older kids, toddlers would prefer the toddler splash session where they limit the size of the waves. It was fairly busy when we went but quieter than at the weekends. We tried out the large dryer too which was really cool but a bit expensive to use every time.
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25 Nov 2009
Visited with: Child, Teenager
Fantastic pool. Like previous reviewer not much swimming goes on! plenty of slides, wave machines and lots of fun. We love it here. It can get busy but they do limit your time in the pool. The cafe is a little bit slow for what it makes but i suppose it is busy.
the McGinnes Family
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Oasis Lagoon Pool

14 Jul 2009
Visited with: Child
The Oasis is Swindon’s main leisure pool so is ideal for taking the family to. Don’t expect to get much swimming done though! The large pool starts off shallow enough for toddlers then gradually gets deeper. There is a wave machine which operates every 15 minutes and makes you think you are swimming in the sea. The waves can be quite big though so you need to hang on to very young children. The small pool has a pirate ship with 3 short slides, ideal for pre-school children. For the older children/teenagers they have Domebusters operating at the weekends. These are 3 large ‘tunnel slides’ that run outside the building, twisting and turning until they drop you in a small pool at the bottom. There is also a much slower open slide ‘Lagoon Falls’ that goes around the inside of the building and is more suitable for younger children. It does get very busy at the weekends so time is limited to just over an hour. After school is a good time to come if you don’t need the small pool (it’s used for swimming lessons) and a couple of nights a week they have ‘disco splash’ with loud music and the floats out. After your swim you can stop for a snack or lunch in the café but there’s not really anywhere to eat your own food.