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Space Play , Swindon

Swindon with Kids

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Address: Shaw Ridge
Sn5 7DN

Space Play overview

This is a very small soft play area within Laser Quest at Shaw Ridge. I would describe it as an 'add-on' to the existing facilities rather than a destination to visit in its own right, as there's not really enough there to justify a special visit, and for the same money you could get far better soft play. But useful for entertaining a pre-schooler if you have older children at Laser Quest. It has ... a small area for crawlers (a few soft play cubes that velcro to the wall, etc) but the size of the steps to climb up in the soft play is for 2.5yrs and up in my opinion.
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Not really worth the money

05 Mar 2012
Visited with: Infant, Child
This is a soft play centre inside Laser Quest building at Shaw Ridge. It's very small and not very well designed, in my opinion. It's deliberately quite dark inside, with a few spotlights, so my 3 year old was too scared to venture in alone. My 2 year old was too small to climb through some parts unaided, so although the website says it's for 0-7 yr olds, I don't think there's enough to keep a 6 or 7 year old amused for long, yet it's not great for preschoolers either, in my experience. The magnetic 'security' door didn't shut properly unless pushed shut so my 2 year old managed to push it open and 'escape', and also the seating area for the cafe is separate from the soft play area, which means in reality you can't relax and have a coffee while your children play, as your children can't see you! Drinks expensive. I would say it's worth using as an add-on to e.g Laser Quest (eg if you need to keep a toddler amused while older ones are using other facilities in the building) but not as a destination in itself as it's just not big enough. There is one twisty slide and a few levels to climb up and down but not much else. At floor level there are a few soft play objects for crawlers to play with.