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Seeing as mealtimes are often one of those rare moments in the day when the whole family gets a chance to sit down together and catch up with one another, it seemed only natural to us at Childfriendly HQ that a food theme would be a good choice for a family day out. So we looked into where ‘foodie families’ might be able to head and, lo and behold, there was an abundant bounty of fun, food-filled days out to gorge ourselves on. From pick-your-own farms to cupcake cafes and chocolate factories! If your family is fond of their food then why not try these great days out?
Please enter This is not Willy Wonka's place but it’s the closest you’ll get, and it has to be near the top of any family day out in Birmingham. Cad...
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01334 655610 One of the joys of summer is picking your own, children love it, for a while at least. So when they are tired or bored, take them to exp...
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Please enter Love ice cream? Who doesn’t! Whether you are on holiday or a local, a visit to Abbott Lodge Jersey Ice Cream is a must. It offers just what...
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Cheshire Farm Ice Cream Cheshire Farm ice cream has so much to keep the children entertained. Spend a day here and experience the wonderful taste of real dairy...
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Please enter Cupcake Passion will interest crafty families and cake loving families alike. Cupcake Passion is located in Studley Grange Craft Village w...
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Cross Lanes Fruit Farm With a small orchard growing apples, pears and plums Cross Lanes Fruit Farm is a thriving business with a huge range of all your favou...
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