Family Days Out in Guildford

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Guildford offers lots for families seeking to spend a day out together with some wonderful walks to be had down by the River Wey. The Wey cuts its way through the sandy outcrop just to the south of the town and it is these golden sands that some historians believe to be the root of Guildford’s name; a corruption of ‘Gold Ford’. Take a tranquil wander along the River Wey & Godalming Navigations and see for yourself the origins of Guildford’s name.  If the weather’s particularly nice then bring your swimming costumes with you and head down to Guildford Lido, Guildford’s very own outside heated swimming pool which has retained much of its 1930s charm and is set within some beautiful rolling lawns that make for an ideal picnic spot while the kids are splashing away! If the weather’s not so great then you’ll be spoilt for choice at Guildford Spectrum which lives up to its name by offering an enormous array of great leisure facilities including ice-skating, bowling, soft play areas, swimming and laser-games that will certainly keep the family entertained.
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