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Leven Swimming Pool is situated next to the bus station. It has a ramp up to the pool and elevators to use when you are inside so it is easily accessible by both prams and wheelchairs. You get changed in a unisex changing room then when you enter the pool it is really shallow for the younger ones and gets deeper and deeper. In the shallow part there is a small elephant slide and water fountains ... which is fun for children to play with. There is a Jacuzzi next to this, but may be a bit hot for the wee ones. There's a flume with height restrictions, an area that has fast water jets and also a wave machine comes on after every session so you get two or three during your visit. Children can go on the flume if they sit on their parents knee and it comes off in a pool of water that's not any deeper than your ankles. It's all great fun! The staff are always friendly and helpful. The pool, changing rooms and area around the pool are kept clean and hygenic as are the toilets and shower area.
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Absolute rubbish!!!

17 May 2014
Visited with: Child
Took my children swimming today, got there about 2.30 only to be told the pool closes every Saturday to the public for a private party. What kind of place closes on the most busiest day of the week to allow a private swim?? Kids off school for weekend, looking for something to do, and they close it to the public. Yet fife council encourage people to spend money in there communities and not go out with the area. And they wonder why people go else where. Wouldn't waste my money going here again.
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My son loves this place

29 Apr 2012
Visited with: Child
My son loves this swimming pool as it has a flume and a wave machine, he loves sitting up at the side of the deep bit when the waves go off as they splash off the wall, hes crazy when it comes to water. I tend to find the flume is shut a lot but when he goes on it he loves it and he goes again and again and again. We usually spend about an hour here then grab a bite to eat in the cafe, very nice and i would recommend if you fancy a nice, basic leisure pool.
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Just your average leisure pool. . .

13 Jun 2011
Visited with: Infant
I always remeber loving this place when I was a child and getting really excited when told I was going there and it still seems to have the same effect on my wee one yet looking at it as an adults point of view its just a pool with a flume, a small elephant slide, waves and a wee jet spa hot tub yet what more do children want? Its a great, reasonably priced swimming pool to come to. Your guaranteed a couple of shots of the wave machine during your time and theres a really fun flume that ends in a really shallow bit for both parents and children to enjoy and if your child happens to be too small for it they won't be dissapointed as they have a small elephant slide at the infants bit for these small toddlers to enjoy! Overall a really nice place for swimming, perhaps needs a bit of an update as nothings really changed in the eighteen years i've know it but apart from that its a great basic leisure pool.