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The Powder Monkey, Exmouth

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Exmouth - 17 places
Devon - 592 places
England - 13972 places
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Address: 2-2a The Parade
Telephone: 01395 280090

The Powder Monkey

11 Reviews
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Going downhill

02 Jul 2012
Visited with: Infant
Every time we go here it seems to get a little worse and a little more 'microwaved' when it come to the menu Limited seating for larger families, you all have to squash round the table or sit outside with the smokers. Staff are often uninterested in customer service unless you're a regular It is a shame because they offer good prices but in this particular weatherspoons they just don't hit the mark
95 Reviews
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low prices, great value, play area

06 Sep 2010
Visited with: Infant, Child
We came here for a family get together over lunch, with four kids under 6 years old. We had a great time, as the four boys played outside in the play area (small but had swingboat, slide and climbing). We chose seating at the back of the pub which meant we could see the kids playing, and they could come in and out to see us. High chairs were available, and there was a great kids menu. You can have kids menu or smaller portions on selected adults meals, witha drink and ice cream included in the price, which was good value. My son had sausages, peas and mashed potato, and it was prsented nicely, came quickly, and the waitress was patient with our mess-making and indecision over what to have! I had a delicious chicken pasta dish which was great value (2 mains for £10 at the time). We liked it that the seating wasn't too close together, as we had a few buggies between us, lots of bags and coats etc, and we took up a lot of space for our table of four kids and five adults. The loos were up a couple of flights of stairs which was quite a way away but they were clean and perfectly ok.