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GUSTO, Leeds

Leeds with Kids

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Address: 151 Otley Old Road
LS16 6HN
Telephone: 0113 267 2100

GUSTO overview

It’s not surprising to find a Gusto restaurant in Cookridge as these very special Italian family restaurants are to be found in the best of neighbourhoods such as in this leafy, love-to-live-here Leeds suburb. The children will not only love the food here but also sitting around an ancient olive tree which is lit up with hundreds of sparkling fairy lights. FOR KIDS - Healthy and fun choices are ... on the children’s menu at Gusto Restaurants. Additive free meals are prepared with fresh organic ingredients and some really scrumptious dishes are on offer. Or how about letting them make their own pizza, with a pizza base, choice of toppings, chef’s hat and a dessert included! Even babies and toddlers have a choice of deliciously pure organic meals from BabyDeli and a Messy Pack is available with wipes and a disposable bib.
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