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Family Restaurants in Glasgow


Across Glasgow you will find a huge choice of child friendly bistros and brasseries, restaurants and cafes. The KG Café at the Kelvingrove Museum serves excellent healthy food for children, Firebird Bar & Restaurant will give you a warm welcome, and Paperinos now have two popular family friendly restaurants. Cafes and restaurants in many Glasgow parks are also a great place for a snack or a meal with the kids.
KG Cafe At Kelvingrove Museum The KG Cafe at the Kelvingrove Museum serves healthy and tasty food for adults and children alike. Small portions of all meals will be prep...
The Beach Tree Inn Dumgoyne has a family friendly place called the Beech Tree Inn. They serve a range of bar meals, light meals and snacks, and stock a wide rang...
Garden House Restaurant Located within the fabulous Mugdock Park, the Garden House restaurant in the Plantaria is perfect for a family snack or a full meal. Lot...
La Bodega Tapas Bar If you're in, or thinking of heading down to, the West End and are looking for somewhere to eat, the La Bodega Tapas Bar on South Stree...
Stravaigin Scottish dishes with quite a remarkable twist are on the creative menu of fusion foods at Stravaigin. The ethos of this contemporary restauran...
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